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Your presence is your brand... 
Do you know what yours says about you?

How do you "show" up?  How do you show up as a leader?  What is your Executive Presence?  Have you ever wondered how others may perceive you?  Especially your employees and co-workers? 

It is often hard to put into words how to describe great presence - you know it when you see it, and you miss it when it is gone.  Our presence is our calling card, in some cases it enters the room before we do and remains long after we are gone.

What does your presence say about you?  Have you ever received feedback that you lack "leadership presence" or perhaps you have been told that you are not an effective communicator, but you don't know what to do with the information or how to make adjustments to your style.  

As a Leadership Coach, or more precisely a Presence Coach, I work with leaders to help them become more aware of how they show up to others.   By increasing clients self-awareness of their presence, he or she becomes a more effective leader. 

Coaching Presence is pleased to announce the launch of the Executive Presence Audit.  The Executive Presence Audit allows the evaluator to assess a variety of factors that make up one's "presence."  The assessment tool is very comprehensive and evaluates a number of areas; including but not limited to, eye contact, demeanor, paralinguistic communication, body language and much more.   The client will receive a detailed report indicating areas of strength as well as opportunities for improvement.  Insight to this type of data is extremely powerful as it can greatly increase one's leadership effectiveness.  

For more information or to schedule an Executive Presence Audit, please call 703-626-4598.


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