Coaching Presence - Forward Thinking in Service of the Client
"I genuinely admire your style! It is unique, effective and compelling from the client's perspective. Your coaching style speaks loudly of safety for the client, yet is not "soft." There is an appropriate hint of strength and the ability to get tough when necessary."
LTG (Retired) Michael Rochelle, Owner MDR Strategies, LLC

"Katherine was hired as a leadership coach for management team members and senior executives at PIXIA Corp. As time passed, the team became more and more comfortable in receiving her guidance. This "first step", in my opinion is the greatest hurdle to overcome. The results were evident. Communication and collaboration showed consistent improvement. Katherine achieved this with her gentle yet strong demeanor. I hope our paths cross again."

Rahul T., VP Technology

" have a talent for not only listening to words spoken but you listen to the unspoken. You hear glitches/changes of tone in a voice and without making assumptions of what it means you bring it to light for the individual and allow them to talk through why it occurred. You allow the individual to reach their own enlightenment but catching small things they may say and bring them to the surface to delve further into.

You also have an uncanny ability to make people feel open and comfortable. The light you exude just allows people to relax and feel comfort in what they are going to share. I think people do this because you are so non-judgmental. I never feel like you're going to judge what I tell you. You remove all personal feelings from the conversation and allow me to work through my thoughts with a sounding board."

Julie E., Proposal Manager

"Katherine is an excellent coach, and I highly recommend her.  For Katherine, the needs of the client are paramount.  She listens well and asks good questions to make sure she fully understands a situation before offering her advice or opinion.  She helps clients determine their goals and then takes practical steps to achieve them.  Katherine exudes integrity and is easy to trust.  She provides an objective and caring outside perspective that is very valuable."

Frank, Client

"I found the sessions we had quite valuable. You were such a great listener, and the questions you asked helped me to think about my future directions in a more coherent way than I could on my own."

Andrew W., GMU Professor and Author

Coaching Style

Katherine's expertise is in effective presence and listening. She has a keen interest in non-verbal communication particularly body language and the role that non-verbals manifest in communication.

Her style of coaching has been described as "insightful", "calm", "determined, "a nautral", "amazing", "the coach whisperer" and "the coach's coach."
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