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For My Son Who Is Battling Osteosarcoma
Listening and Communication
Abel to be Thankful - A Perspective
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For My Son Who Is Battling Osteosarcoma

The Ballad of Rajay Singh
I am Rajay Singh.
I am not one to look at things as if they were a whim.
My name means “unconquerable Prince”
So apropos that is because I have encountered much since.
From an early age, my whole word stutter
Would make my first grade teacher shudder.
It didn’t matter to me
Because it did not define me.
I am the unconquerable Prince!
Next challenge came in the form of an IEP.
From first grade until 8th grade, I let it be.
Day after day, I worked and worked to make it so.

Listening and Communication

Listening and communication have played a vital role throughout my life.  My father is Colombian and my mother is American and so I grew up speaking English and Spanish.  It really wasn’t until I was in fourth grade that I realized that I was the only one in my school who came from two cultures and spoke two different languages. We spoke English at home unless of course we didn’t want someone to understand what we were saying, we would switch to Spanish or our own mix of Spanglish.


For the past couple of days, I have been struggling (yes, Coaches struggle too!)  Nothing grandiose mind you, just everyday struggles and challenges.  As President Reagan said, "Don't let the turkeys get you down!"  But sometimes they do.  

I'm always astonished that when I need words of inspiration, they somehow appear at the exact moment I need to see them.  The particular words that caught my attention were on a magnet on my mother's refrigerator (ironically, I think I gave it to her!

Abel to be Thankful - A Perspective

Around 6:00am this morning, I met a very lucky gentleman named Abel, to me his name speaks on so many levels.  Our paths came to cross like this...

Our dog, woke me up this morning around 5:00am, since my husband is out of town, I had to let her out - and this inevitably means that now I'm awake.  I was laying in bed when I heard a HORRIBLE noise outside - it sounded like a construction crane had just dropped a dumpster on the road.  I ran outside to see a Jeep completely upside down and facing the wrong way on the wrong side of the road.

Coaching Presence

Many of my clients ask me why my company's name is Coaching Presence.  Presence, my presence, has always been important to me.  As I think back, this was taught to me at a young age by my parents.  Dress appropriately, act appropriately, be respectful  - this was all ingrained in me early on.  And, it became important to me. 

My presence is important - to most it may seem it is all external - how I dress, my hair, makeup, nails, etc.  But, the external is how I feel internally.
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